Marlborough Academy of Dance and Drama
Marlborough Academy of Dance and Drama


All long hair must be in a bun for ballet and tied back for all other classes.


Jewellery must not be worn in class



Classical Ballet grades 1-3

Classical Ballet grade 4 and 5


Classical ballet grade 6 - Advanced 1 and 2


Black short sleeved MAD t-shirt                      £12.00


Black long sleeved MAD t-shirt                       £15.00


Black zip MAD hoody - Child Size                   £18.00


Black zip MAD hoody - Adult Size                   £22.00


Grey MAD Dance hoody - Child Size               £18.00


Grey MAD Dance hoody - Adult Size              £22.00


NEW Orange MAD hoody - Child Size            £18.00


NEW Orange MAD hoody - Adult SIze.           £22.00


Black track bottoms - Child Size                     £18.00


Black track bottoms - Adult Size                    £22.00


NEW black slim leg tracks - Child Size          £18.00


NEW black slim leg tracks - Adult SIze.        £22.00


Black classic leggings - Child Size               £16.00


Black classic leggings  - Adult Size              £20.00


NEW black MAD leggings - Child Size          £16.00


New black MAD leggings - Adult Size.          £20.00


NEW fleece jacket - Child Size                       £22.00


NEW fleece jacket - Adult Size                       £25.00


NEW MAD beanie                                            £12.00


MAD Onesie - Child Size                                £25.00


MAD Onesie - Adult Size                               £30.00

Please note - onesies can be worn to festivals and rehearsals etc, but they will not count as uniform for MAD classes or performances


Onesie size guide
MAD Onesie Size Guide.docx
Microsoft Word document [28.1 KB]
NEW uniform order form 2020.docx
Microsoft Word document [59.7 KB]

Boys Ballet:


  • White Leotard
  • Black tights
  • White socks
  • White ballet shoes

Tap and Modern:


  • Leotard
  • Black footless tights
  • Tap shoes


Street Dance


  • T-shirt
  • Track bottoms or leggings
  • Trainers

Saturday Stage School


  • Black MAD t-shirt or Jumper
  • Black leggings or track bottoms
  • Black Jazz shoes

Where to find us:



Marlborough Academy of Dance and Drama


07962 004048



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