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Student Achievements

DECEMBER 2019 - Ballet Exams


2 days of ballet exams and 100% pass rate!


Well done Violet, Beatrice, Shyanne, Katy, Laila, Alexis, Rosie, Poppy, Georgia, Isabelle, Darcy, Sophie, Ellen, Phoebe, Annabelle, Martha, Darcey, Laurie, Isobel, Olive, Erin, Emily, Rosie, Caitlin, Evie, Francesca, Gracie, Keira, Abigail, Olivia, Beatrice, Alex and Amelia.


And a special mention to Jasmine Jackson and Jessica Light, our first Vocational Ballet exams!



Summer 2019 - LAMDA Exams


100% Distinction!


Well done Ella, Huey, Mimi, Francesca, Bella, Isabelle, Naomi, Pippa, Jacob, Camile and Archie!


Summer 2019 - Modern Exams


100% Pass Rate!


Well done Georgia, Poppy, Isabel, Olive, Grace, Phoebe, Darcey, Laurie, Sadie, Keira, Ella, Beth, Caitlin, Gracie, Evie MS, Bea W, Bea C, Amelia, Evie M and Alex!


Ballet Exams 2019


100% Pass Rate!


Well done Georgia, Sophie, Cece, Scarlet, Emily, Isabelle, Anaya, Charlotte, Calypso, Darcey, Laurie, Erin, Amy, Lucy, Isabelle, Olive, Caitlin, Evie MS, Gracie, Keira, Abi, Amelia, Alex, Josh, Jess Light, Emily G, Nancy, Jasmine and Jess Lamb!



Emily Gillingham


In the Summer term of 2019, Emily was our first student to take an ISTD Tap exam and she gained a distinction! Well done emily!



Janet Cram Modern Awards


Congratulations to Gracie, Francesca, Bea, Kira, Alex, Jess and Nancy who all danced at the Janet Cram Heats.


And well done to Alex who got through to the finals!



Jessica Lamb

Archie Fisher

Alex Piper

Jessica Light


Jasmine Jackson

Honor Petit


Huey Lockwood

Katy Trafford

Bertie Jeffery

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